Lesley Haflich
2 0 1 7   G A L L E R Y
Rural Roundabouts I and II                            3' x 4' ea.
Global Roundabout                        3' x 3'
In 2017, Lesley is merging her Roundabouts Series with her Relics Series to create the "Circle City Collection".

Through a process of layering shapes, colors and textures, she is crafting harmonious paintings which will give the walls of your home or commercial space a positive voice.
S T A T E M E N T   P I E C E S
Big Red Roundabout          4' x 4'
Urban Roundabout                             3' x3'
Powerball                                         3' x 3'
Inception I                                       3' x 3'
Adagio                                                                   4' x 4'
Synergy I                                         3' x 4'
Renaissance                   2' x 2'
Don't Rain on My Roundabout            1' x 3' ea.
Relics I                                            3' x 4'